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4 general knowledge of the selection of military models

Dec 04, 2017

First, high grade

The model in many people's cognition class belongs to the toy, is the young person's exclusive. In fact, high-end model products focus on the cultural background, process water products and collection value, has become the mainstream of high-end gifts abroad. Applicable to different age stages, different social relations, the application is very extensive.

In recent years, military incidents have been heating up, the country's military strength gradually strengthened, China's first aircraft carrier, Diaoyu Islands disputes and other hot topics occupy the media important position.

Second, to high cutting-edge

In the model industry, alloy simulation aircraft model is through strict Military department authorization, strictly according to the data reduction ratio production. Only one part mold requires a hundred thousand of or even hundreds of thousands of of the die cost, while a high-end model can be as many as 250 parts. And the painting is a complete imitation of the real aircraft painting, including the designation, logo and so on.

Third, to be different

Different from the traditional model of plastic materials, alloy aircraft model imported zinc alloy, with no deformation, no rust, high toughness, excellent quality, with imported paint and professional coating technology. In the texture of the tactile and visual, reducing the atmosphere of the metal texture and stable temperament. The model is saved for a long time and is easy to clean and tidy. will not produce harmful gases harm health.

Four, must have the collection value

Military model Hale shape and unique temperament, representing the men's strong and unyielding. Aircraft model Dapeng Wings of the heroic symbol of future career and ambition. Suitable for placing in the desk, desk, bookcase and TV cabinets and so on, beautiful atmosphere is full of fashion sense, is the preferred Home Office decoration. At the same time with ornamental, practical, collectible high-end gifts.