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Why Resin Model Cars Are More Expensive Than Alloy Die Cast Ones?

Dec 15, 2017

Why Resin Model Cars Are More Expensive Than Alloy Die Cast Ones?

When discussing resin models, most collectors talked about the high price. Why?


First of all, it must be stated that resin model is a sub-category of "careless", and 1:18 resin models are even more so. Before 2008, there were hardly 1:18 resin models on the market. Model markets were struggling as the economic crisis led to weak consumer spending in Europe and a surge in Chinese labor costs. Resin models became popular at this time. Initially, the resin model was originally a prototype for model factory.


For model factories, it's a good deal to produce resin model cars. The reason is simple -- invest small, return fast.


In the production cost of die cast models, the mould cost is very large. In the case of 1:18 scale models, there are at least need 10 to 15 sets of molds. and the cost of moulds is about 500,000 RMB. Although these molds have a long life span, the upfront investment is big and the production time is relatively long.



Resin car models are not shaped by metal mould, but a kind of "water mould" made of silica gel.  Although its a short time to make water molds and cost much less, but mould life is very short, can only repeat use no more than 20 times before scrapped. 

Regardless of the cost of transportation, sales channels and other costs, labor costs are an important part of production. In this respect, resin models are more expensive than alloys.

It is generally believed that doors and bonnet of resin models are not openable , so there are less parts compared with alloy ones. This is the case, but higher-end resin model part number also likely to be close to more than 100, even more importantly, resin material is very fragile, rejection rate are higher than alloy ones.

Finally, the copyright fee. To be clear, model copyright costs are typically 10-15% of the model's price, the highest of which is Ferrari, some models can go to 28%. Although the production of resin model is small, it also needs the authorization of the manufacturer. In other words, there is no difference between resin and die-cast models.