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Basic information of ship model

Dec 04, 2017

C1 class

Ship models using sails and oars. Including a variety of sailing (wind as the main driving force), rocking boat, paddle ship, Viking ship, small boat, Sampan, Gondura (Venetian canoe), canoes and so on. Whether a sail is hung on a sailboat is designated by the manufacturer.

C2 class

Model of mechanically powered ships. The model includes a barge model and a fishing boat with an auxiliary sail.

C3 class

A partial model of a ship's equipment or ship. Includes a hull section, deck building, a connection to the hull or a self-contained part. Parts of ships, such as winch, mooring string, small boat, Crane, anchor machine, etc.

Consists of not less than three models or local models, there are ships, navigational signs, without their own power floating equipment, such as action scene demonstrations, dock and shipyard equipment, ship development stage demonstrations. Model of nautical and shipbuilding scene (not limited in proportion).

C3 grade is divided into a, B, C, D four kinds:

C3-a Port and dock equipment, docks, locks, etc. C3-b wooden ship model. C3-c The ship model above the waterline part. c3-d a part of a ship, a longitudinal, transverse section, or part of a ship's equipment. C4 class Miniature Navigation model

1:250 or smaller scale C1-C3-level models (without scenes).

C4 class

Also divided into a, B, C, D four kinds:

C4-A Sailing model (with C1 level). C4-b model of mechanical power ship (same as C2 level). C4-c the ship's local or marine equipment, sections, pieces and other models (with the C3 level). C4-d is a demonstration of the development of a sailboat or power boat consisting of at least three models. C5-grade glass bottle-fitted navigation model.

A model of navigation placed in a glass container, which is to be produced proportionally, may be an existing or ever-present seagoing or inland ship, or a part of them. can also be dock and shipyard equipment, the entire navigational scene of the show.