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Car model is not a beauty, but a parasitic - the origin of simulation model cars

Dec 16, 2017

Car model is not a beauty, but a parasitic - the origin of the model cars



When it comes to car models, a lot of people flash in their brains who are hot and charming


Wrong! This“car model”is not that“car model” you thought, it refers to the simulation car model.


In a sense, car model is actually a "parasite."


As we all know, the world's first gasoline-powered car, was born in 1886. In the following 120 years of development, the Ford Company in the United States has always been a pivotal automobile enterprise, making a significant contribution to the development of the world automobile industry. The world's first car model, but also from Ford. Its birth was entirely an "unintentional" move.


In 1914, Ford Motor Depot, in order to sell its newly-released Tin Lizzie(Ford Model T), came up with a marvelous marketing tool: a small Tin Lizzie mini-model presented to customers who purchased Tin Lizzie.


In the initial vision of Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, the idea was to compete with rival General Motors by giving presents.

At that time, no one had realized that: car model is not a beauty, but it has the same charm as beauty. This kind of car models, which were used for giving away, were quickly sought after by many car owners.



After that, the world's major car manufacturers compete to emulate. Such as Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and so on. Simulated car models are released at the same time as new car sales. Within a short time, the toy store set off a "car model fever" in Britain, France and other European countries. Since then, the manufacture and collection of car models have become commonplace in Europe and the United States, and rapidly swept the globe like a gust of wind.


This shows that car models are parasitic on the huge body of the booming automotive industry. But the car models are not the same as "parasites": parasites refer to a creature that sits in the body or surface of another organism and directly gains nutrients from it, compromising the host. Car models and their parasitic carriers, the automotive industry, are nourishing mutual prosperity and good interaction.