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Five big strokes of military model painting and detoxification

Dec 04, 2017

1. Military model to keep good ventilation conditions when spraying work

Conditional can be fitted with a powerful suction/exhaust fan to suck away harmful organic solvent fumes. But in fact the best effect is the simplest, it is to open the window to maintain ventilation, and take care not to let the solvent smell of the wind blowing in the chamber, as far as possible in the downwind of the paint operation.

2, after the painting work, to continue to open the window ventilation for more than half an hour and then close the window

Since the fabric in the home has the effect of absorbing tiny organic gas molecules, the particles remain indoors if the military model is closed immediately after the painting is finished. So continue to ventilate for more than half an hour, so that this part of the organic gas molecules are also emitted outside.

3, strengthens the self-protection

The 3M series of gas masks, the effect is very good, basically cannot smell the paint taste. If the use of cheap labor protection gas masks, a poor seal, the two inside the potion quickly expired.

4, perhaps no one has thought, do military model spray painting which part of the most smell?

Napkins used to wipe excess solvents.

Because of the large surface area of napkins, although it is easy to wipe away excess solvents and paint, but the organic molecules are easily volatile, resulting in pungent odor. Therefore, how to deal with these items properly is actually the most important point. Put the napkin in there for the time being, and then deal with it after the model.

After the military model has been painted, the box is opened, the inside of the smell is strong enough to throw away the contents, the box opened for more than half an hour, so that the residual gas in it all evaporate. That's all. Simple, huh?

5, do not put paint or solvents in the bedroom

Because the lid of the paint and solvent is tighter, there will also be volatilization (otherwise, how can the paint that is not used for a long time be killed?) )。 These volatile gas molecules may be secretly in the air when you sleep.

In fact, the solution is also very simple, the paint/solvents packed in cartons, put on the balcony/toilet and other people do not often go and well-ventilated place can be. Just take it in when you need it.

6, can use non-toxic water-based paint

Only in the military model spraying effect, water-based paint is hard to compare oily paint.