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Four values of playing the military model

Dec 04, 2017

First, the historical value of the military model. Models are all based on prototypes, especially models of military subjects, and they have their own historical basis for them. So as long as you study these military models carefully, you will be able to understand more about the history and background of the prototype weapons, and even know how it works for the entire history.

Second, military model military value. Military model, such as ship model, is very important for military itself. For example, in our country, the naval power is not very strong, need to continue to develop, through the model to simulate the physical, not only can play the same effect, but also save a lot of resources.

Third, the military model process value. The model is still a handicraft, is a very fine manual work, especially the military model, the simulation precision is high, according to the true weapon reduces the proportion to make, plus most uses the zinc alloy as the main raw material, the texture is very strong.

Forth, the potential of military appreciation. What kind of military model has the potential to appreciate? According to experts, the limited production of military molds usually after a certain number of production will be destroyed after the mold, because handmade molds can not be copied, so they usually can be worth a big increase. There are also some of the best model collections are purely handmade, but also valuable. Even the normal model collection will have considerable potential for appreciation because of the loss of mold consumption.