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Maintenance of train model

Dec 04, 2017

1.502 glue; Can not be used as far as possible, you can use a small amount of glue stick on the adhesive, not down, because the drop is not easy to solidify, pour into the car shell and circuit board will cause serious consequences, 502 of the car shell corrosion is very strong, not only to remove and will leave scars.

2. Avoid direct sunlight; The reason everybody understands, the model car color fades, again a paint will rise the skin.

3. Second-hand track; After buying, it is recommended that fine sandpaper be polished to ensure good power supply. The player is advised to buy a track clean car or track cotton swab.

4. Sports car; Do not hurry to go, so the motor life loss is very large. The trailer is too fast to be too quick to damage the coupler spring.

5. The bow of electric locomotive; try not to open frequently, often rise and fall will cause the electric bow buckle loosening, so as not to live the electric bow.

6. Try not to expose the model to the air for a long time; it is best to pack the packing seal to save the light, because the dust in the air will be adsorbed on the car shell, it is difficult to clean up, after cleaning because electrostatic effect will again absorb a lot. Long-term placement of the air will also cause the gear oil to dry, so that the sports car is not smooth.

7. Maintenance of the track; The proposal uses the track rub to wipe the track, if the economical condition is limited, may use the soft sponge to wipe and the fine sandpaper polishing, I personally does not support the alcohol, because the alcohol has certain corrosivity, regardless to the model to the track is bad, again one also has the peculiar smell, although can disinfect, hehe The track is used for a period of time will be due to dust in the air or the lubricant of the train model, resulting in a layer of dirt on the track surface, generally using alcohol added to the lint-free cloth, wiping the track surface and train model (with power) of the wheel and rail contact surface.

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