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Miniature military model to promote military culture

Dec 04, 2017

Military models have a unique flavor, which is not a collection of other models can not be compared. First of all, I think the collection of military models is probably a man's patent, because here everywhere reveals masculine gas, especially by young people's pursuit, must enter the mainstream of collection, and secondly, see the military model will enable you to human wisdom and creativity of the endless reverie and admiration, and then, playing and watching military models, can always produce majesty and shock, Will make you more concerned about your own country and the development of the army, others have no such feelings I do not know, anyway I have.

Collection is a very interesting process, it's been a long time. I have a sense of "collection" Two words: Collection is a cultural phenomenon, because there is a cultural connotation, the collection has a meaning, can be passage, handed down, collection means, channels and pay, is tired, collection is appreciation and taste, is to enjoy. Without receiving the pay, there is no hidden enjoyment, no hidden enjoyment, there is no sense of collection, and possession is very enjoyable.

I do the collection is a personal will and preferences, there is no frame, neither do the most, nor do the whole, also do not compare, on the map a like, make a friend, play a self music. The value of personal collection is summed up in several pieces: Collection value, historical value, ornamental value, technological value, investment value, and another is to enjoy the value.

Use work to make some model collection, edify sentiment, adjust life. By the time you become obsessed, you will wander through the books of knowledge and stories about the model. You will not want to own the model of the tea is not fragrant, food do not think; you will be a unique model of the others do not have the heart of joy and pride, you will be countless times to move it, clean it without any complaints, when you enjoy the beloved collection, The spirit will have great pleasure, that is, the fairy-like feeling.