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Novice players will know

Dec 04, 2017

1. If you buy a car for the first time, take it home and do not hectic open the packaging, according to my experience, I bought a car for the first time, because too excited, did not take good, touched the table, inadvertently will model damage, so far regret.

2. The newly bought car does not drive at high speed at once; to run about 50 meters slowly, the purpose is to running-in gears and the whole car parts coordination, the car is to buy is run, holding the baby for the words, I suggest you to buy Ze Yi car, that will not be much significance. Car Models Walk the department is not as fragile as you imagine, we are to enjoy the fun of sports cars, not suffering unlimited material desires; contentment is not!

3. After the sports car put back packaging must be careful; some newcomers are often unfamiliar with the special package of the train model, often can not put in on the hard, so that the fragile model will cause great harm, if you look carefully will find that if you right position, the train will be embedded in the plastic packaging mold, that is right. Play the model must not hard, because most of the locomotive parts are Kaka on the top, a little mind can be removed.

4. When the train is running, do not use your hand to stop it, block it, do not put things on the track, so the motor damage is very great.

5. Novice as far as possible not to open the car shell; After the model has a deep understanding and then open it, you now open, do not know the structure inside, in case it does not go back to trouble.

6. If the track is not connected, you must not hard to come, because the two track of the card is often not aligned, staggered open, paving the track is a patient life, need to heart a little. Don't come hard.

7. Do not recommend the novice to do the sand table, because of more in-depth knowledge and brand knowledge and day-to-day attempts to understand not in-depth, made the sandbox will be very realistic.