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Four Ways To Collect Car Models

Dec 15, 2017

Four ways to collect car models


1、Follow the history

  According to the production time of automobile, study the development & evolution of automobile including appearance, engine, etc. The mainstream of the development of modern human civilization has been experienced in the shape and historical background of different periods. The development of automobile is also the epitome of modern science and technology development.



2、Follow your own preferences

   Model car collectors can find their own taste in automobile history from more than 100 years of automobile history, and show their individuality and taste from model collection.



3、Extensive collection

   According to different manufacturers of simulation cars, the collection can achieve perfect balance in the degree of simulation, texture, process and structure.



4、DIY reconstruction

   It can be fun by repainting the collection model like repainting, decorating, changing, and assembling.



Among the collectors, not a few have a unique style. I know a lady, focus on collecting all kinds of locomotives, ancient and modern, all of them. A Taiwan predecessor, he not only had more than 10,000 model cars, but was also intoxicated with real cars. There is also a "car nerd" in Hong Kong with dozens of vintage cars. Not scale models, but real cars! Some people like to collect model cars that are relevant to their jobs. Firefighters love fire truck models. People who work in construction focus on engineering models. Bus driver falls in love with buses,even all bus-related things: nameplates, bus stops, road maps, bus tickets, ticket clipping machines, anything.


Today, model cars are not only used for display, publicity and promotion, but also as collectors' collections and gifts for friends and relatives.

From brands to types, from sizes to material, from colors to body decor, you need to make smart choices from the ocean of model cars.