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Making Method Of Car Model

Dec 04, 2017

Clay model

Soil materials from a wide range of convenient prices through the "washing mud" process and "refining processes" its texture more exquisite. Clay has a certain degree of adhesion plasticity in the molding process can be repeatedly modified arbitrarily adjust scraping fill, easy to fill. Can also be reused is a relatively ideal modeling material, but if the water loss in the clay is too much, it is easy to make the clay model shrinkage cracking or even the occurrence of fracture is not conducive to long-term preservation. In addition, the surface of the clay model is not a lot of methods of treatment, the clay production model must be selected with less sand, before the use of repeated processing, the mud and cooked, the use of convenient. Generally used as a sculpture, the use of mud to turn the mold.


It's a sludge-type man-made material. After solidification is very soft, soft, hard. Sludge plasticity is strong, viscous, toughness than yellow mud (clay model) strong. It is in the shape of the use of convenient, molding process can be arbitrary sculpture, trimming, after molding is not easy to dry, can be reused. The price of sludge is higher, easy to carry, making some small, irregular and curved shapes more suitable. It is very convenient to use oily sludge in general like car type and ship shape. So it is wise to choose brown sludge as the outermost layer of sludge. Sludge materials are mainly composed of talc 62%, Vaseline 30%, Industrial wax 8%.

Plaster model

Gypsum price economy, convenient use of processing, used in ceramics, plastics, model production and so on. Gypsum texture delicate, easy to surface decoration after the formation of repair, easy to long-term preservation, suitable for the production of various requirements of the model, easy to display.