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Several Advantages For Resin Model Cars

Dec 15, 2017

Several Advantages for resin model cars


Resin model cars are pure handmade, only need automotive related photos and size of the data (provide the original car 3 d document is better) to make prototype, then the silicon mould used for producing will be easily get.


There are 3 advantages for resin models compared with zinc alloy die-cast models :

1. greatly shorten the product production period

2. The aging resistance of paint is several times higher

3. The precision of the product is fully demonstrated by hand making

Although resin model can only be produced in limited quantity, its collection value is far higher than die cast model, which is favored by car model lovers all over the world.




The advantages of resin products:

1. The texture is delicate and smooth.

2. The color effect is good, but the color can be added directly before making.

3. With strong ductility, it can be crushed into thin slices without causing cracks.

4. Easy to cut after drying, not easily damaged.

5. Not easily scratched.

6. Safe and environmental protection

7. The appearance of body are usually painted with PU paint, the color is more full.

8. Because of the material, it also has the same alloy texture.






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