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The Development Of Car Models

Dec 04, 2017

The world's first models were born in 1914, when the Ford Motor Company sold the new T-car and gave it to a small, sophisticated T-car model that Ford intended to compete with GM.

However, the unexpected is inadvertently inserted willow-lined, this is used to give the gift car model once the advent, it will soon be the favor of motorists. The auto makers are scrambling to follow suit, introducing new cars and models. The Buick Mini car model appeared in 1925, and then, in the UK, France and other European countries, various brands of car models emerged. Incomplete statistics, nearly 90 years, the world's auto production plant has launched a total of tens of thousands of models of the car model, and broke the European and American production and collection models eminence monopoly situation, gradually developed into a popular worldwide collection and investment projects.