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The History Of Model Cars (Chapter 1)

Dec 24, 2017

The history of model car(Chapter 1)


car model collection in Europe and the United States and other developed countries is extremely a common& high-level collection behavior. The main reason is that cars are already widespread in these countries and many families have two or three cars. People drive different cars based on different activities such as work, travel, purchasing, transportation and so on. Because of frequent use and replacement of cars, they are familiar with and love many different cars. And this feeling will be fully expressed through the collection of the corresponding models: collecting models of cars that have been owned is an expression of nostalgia; collecting models of those which have not yet been owned but enjoyed is an expectation.


In this climate, model collection was becoming more and more popular. In traditional car industrial powers, such as Britain and Germany, it even formed the family collection: "father begins, son develops".


With the development of car industry, car model industry has its own unique development track.


So far, car model industry has experienced four stages: embryonic stage, initial stage, growing stage and prosperity stage.