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The History Of Model Cars Embryonic Stage (1920s And 1930s)

Dec 25, 2017

The history of model cars (Chapter 2)


Embryonic stage (1920s and 1930s)


At this stage, model cars were just promotional gifts for car owners, not a real consumer market. The product features static model. A small number of non-specialized production enterprises produce for the automobile manufacturers.

In the early 1920s, technology of model making was poor, models were mostly made of tin,The process was simple and shapes were not realistic, they were regarded as toys by most people , and did not attract enough attention from collectors.

1926 Mercedes-Benz Model K



When it came to metal models, Britain's Dinky Toys was the first. At the beginning of the 20th century, they made small quantities of metal models, a small scale, mainly for railway models which included minivans, but all of them had no interior design.



At the time, because alloy used in making models contained a lot of impurities, which was very easy to break, distort, rust, and only a small amount of those models were completely preserved.