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Train Model Specifications

Dec 04, 2017

The international train model is divided into different levels (CLASSES), and can also be called different specifications (gauges). Each level has its own proportions, but does not require hundred-percent accuracy, can be a little error up and down. Train models usually have G, O, S, HO, N, z and so on six levels, specialized businesses are also based on these levels of production products, so you go to the store to buy the train model can be preconceived to the level to buy, the size will not take the wrong.

Class G: Is the largest of the train models, and they typically have a ratio of 1:20 to the prototype vehicle. Because enthusiasts like to choose this level of train model to make outdoor sand table, so the international game is called "Courtyard Railway" (GARDEN Railroad), this level also uses the English "courtyard" The first letter "G" to name. Representative Manufacturers: l.g.b

Level tt:1:120 representative Manufacturers: Tllig TT Bahn

Level o: Is the second largest train model, the ratio is generally around 1:48. The U.S. Express vehicle model uses this ratio more. Representative manufacturers: BACHMANN (Million city)

Level S: The ratio of models to prototypes is generally 1:64, and the pursuit of precision-producing enthusiasts uses this level of comparison.