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Our Service

1.0 Customization and Consulting

If you have any model project, please feel free to contact us. We can offer you free professional advice. For more quick advice, please prepare project information, such as project type, function, size, and image. Our staff will provide you with professional services within 24 hours after receiving your consultation.

2.0 Customization and Development

The customization and development of model car is a complex job, like the birth of a new baby. Whether the baby is healthy depends on your previous planning and efforts. When you have a new project, your idea may be simple: find a factory and delegate it to production. If it is a large factory, they may not be able to accept your small order. If it is a small factory, you may worry about their quality and service. UBADOO has more than a decade of experience working with some big carmakers and their suppliers. Our engineers will be in your position to provide you with the best solution.

2.1 Appearance data collection

Collecting appearance data through 3D scanners and physical photography.

2.2 Structural designing and quality proofreading

We'll discuss the product's structure, scalability, and versatility with you. Maximize your product value and minimize your product costs.

2.3 Mold Making

Import the appearance data into the mould manufacturing equipment after the proofreading.

2.4 Mold inspection and correction

After the mould is finished, make samples and evaluate it. If necessary, improve the mold and output finished assembly data.

2.5 Packaging design

Packaging design, packaging structure design, packaging material selection and product transport turbulence test

3.0 Production and Processing

We undertake all kinds of model products OEM and ODM production services. Our professional technical team and advanced production equipment ensure that the product design requirements are met. Our quality management system also ensures that every product has a high quality level.

Here we introduce the production process of model products.

Production process

Data acquisition → Structure functional design → Prototype manufacturing → Mold manufacturing → Injection and die-casting → Quality test → Assembly processing → Quality inspection

3.1 Data acquisition -Data acquisition is the first step of the model production. The data quality depends on the appearance of the ontology, so the data collection process must be rigorous and detailed.

3.1.1 Appearance data collection

If there is no data for the product to be made, the prototype or the object and the production requirements will need to be provided to us. To ensure the accuracy of the model's appearance, we need to perform an accurate infrared scan on the physical appearance. After the appearance data is obtained, it is necessary to take physical measurements and photos of the various complex structures and angles of the entity.

The data acquisition of appearance needs to be carried out 2-3 times before the error can be controlled within 0.5 cm. The acquisition environment is also required. Physical static placement requires a certain amount of space and time.

3.1.2 Provide off-the-shelf 3D appearance data

If you already have 3d data and pictures of objects, this is the most convenient. We design the data based on the 3d data and the images you provided.

3.2 Structure functional design- Structural functional design depends on your functional and quality requirements for the model

3.2.1 Provide sample

It doesn't matter if you don't know about the structure of the model. You can provide us with other model samples that you like or you think can be fully replicated, and tell us the same or different points. We can design the structure according to your sample.

3.2.2 Have detailed requirements

If you already have a detailed production requirement, this is very good, please direct the document to us.

3.2.3 Structural design

Model is a kind of simulation scale product, and its structure needs to be designed according to the proportion of the objects, so it is required to edit the structure.

3.3 Prototype manufacturing-After the production plan is determined, we need a simulated object to verify that the design structure and function are reasonable by making a manual sample (prototype).

3.3.1 Prototype Production time

Prototyping is a process to calibrate the design. If the prototype can be exactly made as previous 3D design drawings, it has a certain requirement for the engineer. An experienced prototype engineer can finish prototyping in a short period of time, and also can advise for some unreasonable or innovative structural design. It usually comes in about 2-3 weeks.

3.3.2 Prototype checking

High simulation model, its assembly structure is more complicated. In order to ensure the smooth development of subsequent production, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive verification of the prototype.

3.3.3 Mould Typesetting

After the prototype has been validated, the prototype data will be input into the mould manufacturing system, which needs dissolution and restructuring

3.4 Mould Making -Mould making is the next step after prototype is finally confirmed. The process of mold making requires fine grinding, and it will take a lot of time to polish and check complex structures. Each structure of the finished product is completed in this process.

3.4.1 Mould allocation

The production process of model car is very complicated. A high quality model needs different kinds of mould, including zinc alloy mould, ABS mould, PVC mould and SDU mould. These mould need to be allocated.

3.4.2 Mold making period

The higher quality requirements of models, the higher accuracy of the mould. Generally speaking, the mould making period is about from 40 to 90 days.

3.5 Injection and die-casting -Die-casting and mould injection are the process after mould are finished, which are the preliminary stage of finished product

3.5.1 Metal die-casting

In model manufacturing, the production process of metal parts is called die-casting.

3.5.2 Mould Injection

In model manufacturing, the production process of plastic parts is called injection.

3.5.3 Period

Generally speaking, the period of die casting and injection molding is 10 days. The larger the quantity, the longer the period.

3.6 Quality test -The next step after the die casting & injection molding stage is the quality test. Mould quality and finished product quality will be tested.

3.6.1 Trial sample

After the mold making is finished, in order to proofreading the initial design and prototype data, we need to make trial samples

3.6.2 Quality test

Before the product packaging designing,  A series of tests for the sample will be taken: drop test, bump test, aging test. 

3.6.3 Prenatal samples

After passing a series of quality tests, a small batches of prenatal samples will be assembled. At the same time, the production data will be recorded.

3.7 Assembly processing -High simulation model consists of a large number of spare parts. Some spare parts cannot be assembled with modern machinery, and still need to be assembled by a large amount of manpower

3.7.1 Spraying

Three - layer electrostatic spraying to ensure that the appearance of models are smooth and bright.

3.7.2 Pad printing

The color of each component needs to be done by the pat printing machine.

3.7.3 Assembling

3.8 Quality inspection-By this step, all production processes have been completed.

UBADOO regards quality as the fundamental of enterprise development, ensuring that each product has a good quality.

3.8.1 Packaging

3.8.2 Quality inspection

Industry-leading AQPQ quality inspection process.

3.8.3 Storage and transportation